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Food Law News - UK - 2015

FSA Letter (ENF/E/15/006), 7 April, 2015

ENFORCEMENT - Publication of the Revised Food Law Code of Practice (England)

TheFood Standards Agency has today published the revised Food Law Code of Practice (England), which comes into force on 7 April 2015. A link is available at:

Please note that although the implementation date is 7 April 2015, we recognise that LAs will need time to embed the new competency framework system. The Code, therefore, allows LAs until 1 April 2016 to implement the new arrangements. This will also enable officers and their managers to consider the relevant competencies needed for their roles and build that into their 2015/16 personal development and reporting cycle.

I should be grateful if you would bring this letter to the attention of all relevant officers. The Code updates and replaces the previous Code issued in March 2014.

The main changes to the Code are summarised in the Annex to this letter, but primarily the Code has been amended in two ways:

To clarify guidance to LAs on the registration, inspection and reporting requirements for mobile food establishments and for ships and aircrafts. The changes are intended to improve consistency of approach, particularly in determining whether a mobile business has been registered and inspected by an authority and the frequency of official controls required at such establishments.

To introduce a “competency-based authorisation” system for Las undertaking official controls, to place more emphasis on the necessary behavioural skills and experience needed to undertake official control duties. Authorised officers will continue to hold a necessary baseline qualification.

The Code has been developed with help of stakeholders and was subject to full public consultation. The FSA will keep the Code under review and I would be grateful for feedback from LAs on its use.

The changes are being underpinned by a revision to the supporting Food Law Code of Practice Guidance, which is currently being revised. The FSA also intends to provide training courses for Lead Officers on the new competency framework assessment process.

For a copy of the letter, including the more detailed Annex, see: Letter: Publication of the Revised Food Law Code of Practice (England)

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