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Food Law News - UK - 2014

DEFRA Consultations Update, 24 July 2014

FISH MARKETING - Consultation on the implementation of the Common Organisation of the Market (CMO) in fishery and aquaculture products: Summary of responses

A summary of the responses to the consultation has now been published. A copy is available on this site.  See: Fish Labelling: summary of responses

The concluding section states the following:

After careful consideration we have concluded that no changes are required to the proposals set out in the consultation document with regard to implementing the new CMO for marketing standards and labelling requirements as we believe these to be less burdensome on industry. We will now focus on drafting the appropriate legislation, ensuring that the measures are proportionate and reflect all the mandatory requirements in the new CMO. Consideration will be given on the labelling requirements in Article 38 (a) of the CMO Regulation; and we will seek to amend the fish labelling guidance, and produce guidance on all the new requirements of the new CMO that were not covered by the consultation so that these are clear to all those affected.

We have also considered the comments received relating to the draft Impact Assessment and have amended as necessary.

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