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Food Law News - UK - 2014

FSA News Item, 25 July 2014

HYGIENE - FSA investigation into poultry plants

The FSA has been following up the evidence highlighted by The Guardian’s investigations at 2 Sisters plants in Anglesey and Scunthorpe.

This has included reviewing the video footage and photographs of three specific incidents at the plants and checking these against our own records. We are satisfied that the specific problems at the plants were addressed in an appropriate manner by the business at the time and did not present a food safety risk.

However, The Guardian investigation highlighted broader concerns about practices at the plants, including chickens that have fallen onto the floor being put back on production lines. Given these allegations we are conducting audits and investigations at the plants. These are underway today (Friday) and the findings will be published in due course.

We have been reiterating our advice to consumers that campylobacter can occur on chickens even when the highest standards of farming and processing are followed. Consumers should follow good hygiene practice at home, including not washing raw chicken, to minimise the risk. We continue to work with the industry to ensure that steps are taken to reduce the levels of campylobacter on chicken sold or served in the UK.

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