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Food Law News - UK - 2014

FSA Update,28 February 2014

CONTAMINANTS / ADDITIVES / ENZYMES – FSA Food Safety Policy Update (February 2014)

This latest issue of our periodic update bulletin provides you with information on the key developments within the Food Safety Policy.

The attached summary of news items details the areas covered in this bulletin, and clicking on the associated links will take you directly to the relevant material.

You may also wish to note that the Chemical Safety Division has recently merged with the Hygiene and Microbiology Division and is now called Food Safety Policy. As a result of this we are considering whether to extend this bulletin to cover matters relating to feed and food hygiene/microbiology.

This would considerably increase the size of the bulletin and the size of the distribution list. I would therefore appreciate your feedback on whether you would like the the update to continue and, if so, whether it should be expanded to cover feed and food hygiene/microbiology. Please send your comments

A copy of the Update is available on this site.   See: Food Safety Policy Update (February 2014). A listing of the topics covered is given below. 


Environmental Contaminants (Inorganic)

Process Contaminants

Environmental Contaminants (Organic)

Dioxins and PCBs


Developments in EU policy

Guidance Documents and Codes of Practice

Preparation of discussions in advance of the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food, 31 March - 4 April 2014

Scientific opinions EFSA and other risk assessment bodies

Research commissioned/proposed:

Food Allergy Update

Flavourings, Food Enzymes, Food Additives and Food Contact Materials


Food Enzymes

Food Additives

Food Contact Materials

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