Food Law News - UK - 2013

FSA News Item, 19 February 2013

MEAT - FSA meat testing survey expanded

 The Food Standards Agency has expanded its UK-wide survey of food authenticity in processed meat products being carried out through local authorities.

The survey, expanded to ensure that a wider range of products are sampled, will include a total of 514 products.

The sampling for the first two phases will be carried out by 28 local authorities and will include beef-based foods that are sold pre-packed, or 'loose' (for example, cafe sandwiches).

Sampling for the third phase will be allocated to other local authorities across the UK.

Details of the survey


The FSA will publish the results from all three phases of the study, including brand names. Initial findings will be available from the end of February and the FSA will disclose any formal action taken in April.

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