Food Law News - UK - 2012

FSA Local Authority Letter (ENF/E/12/027), 18 September 2012

MEAT - Moratorium on the Production and Use of Desinewed Meat from Non Ruminant Bones and Poultry Carcasses in the United Kingdom

You may recall Sarah Appleby’s letter of 24 May [See UK News Item, 24 May 2012] regarding food businesses in your area that might be affected by the moratorium on the production of de-sinewed meat (DSM) from non ruminant bones and poultry carcases. The letter provided guidance1 on the requirements of the moratorium and explained that food businesses operators (FBOs) should be taking urgent action to comply with the European Commission’s interpretation of the legislation. We explained in the letter that the Agency is seeking full compliance by the end of the year at the latest.

It is now nearly 4 months since the moratorium was introduced, and we consider that it is an appropriate time to monitor how successful businesses have been in achieving compliance. This is important given the general Food and Veterinary Office follow-up mission to the UK in November during which the Agency is likely to be asked for an update on MSM compliance.

I would, therefore, be grateful if local authorities can report on compliance levels at each individual affected business, and also include the following points to be covered in their reports:

Essentially these questions relate to the moratorium on pig and poultry DSM which was introduced on 26 May. It would also be helpful to have confirmation that all DSM production from ruminant bones has ceased.

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