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FSA News Item, 27 June 2012

ADMINISTRATION - Statement on Scottish Government announcement on Food Standards Agency

The Scottish Government has today announced that it will create a new Scottish body for food safety, food standards, nutrition, food labelling and meat inspection.

The announcement follows the Scudamore review of the functions of the Food Standards Agency in Scotland. A copy of the announcement from the Scottish Government can be found at the link below.

On behalf of the Board, Jeff Rooker, Chair of the Food Standards Agency, said: 'The FSA Board respects the decision the Scottish Government has taken to propose a free-standing, independent FSA for Scotland. We will work with the Scottish Government to meet their objectives while ensuring that consumers’ interests in relation to food continue to be protected.

'The FSA Board is particularly mindful that this decision will directly impact on almost 200 of our staff based in Scotland, for example in meat plants as well as those in the FSA's Aberdeen office, and will have an effect on how the rest of the organisation works. We will work closely with the Scottish Government to ensure that the concerns of our staff are appropriately addressed.

'Until any alternative legislative amendments come into force, the FSA will continue to carry out its duties as at present. Food safety throughout the UK remains the FSA’s number one priority.'

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