Food Law News - UK - 2011

FSA News Item, 6 May 2011

ENFORCEMENT - Food Law Practice Guidance published

A copy of the Practical Gudiance is available on this site. See Practice Guidance for the Food Law Code of Practice - May 2011

The Agency has today published updated Practice Guidance for the Food Law Code of Practice.

The Practice Guidance takes into account developments in enforcement since the previous version was published in 2006.

The Practice Guidance has updates on:

In addition, a number of revisions have been made to the official forms contained in the guidance and references to legislation, web links and contact details have been updated.

The Practice Guidance has been revised following consultation with Local Government Regulation, which took place late last year. We have, where appropriate, reflected the comments that we received in the revised guidance.

The Agency will undertake a process of continuous review of the Practice Guidance, allowing it to function as a centre point for the publication of new Agency guidance for the enforcement community.

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