Food Law News - UK - 2011

FSA News Item, 6 June 2011

FOOD SAFETY - Agency update on E.coli outbreak in Germany

German authorities have reported that a mix of sprouted seeds, which are used in salads and includes lentils, alfalfa seeds, fenugreek and adzuki beans, could be the cause of the E.coli outbreak. Initial reports are that the 23 samples tested so far have been found negative for the strain of E.coli implicated in the outbreak. Other samples are being tested and we await further information from the German authorities

The potentially affected products have been distributed locally within Germany and there is no evidence that they have entered the UK. As a precaution, the German authorities have withdrawn the potentially affected produce from the market.

The sprouted seed mix has been identified as a possible cause of the outbreak because of a link between food businesses that have used the sprouted seeds and people becoming ill from E.coli. Samples of the seeds are being tested for the presence of E.coli and initial results are expected later today. We are anticipating further updates as the German authorities continue their investigations.

The Agency is reminding consumers of the importance of basic food hygiene practices when preparing food.

It is a good idea to wash fruit and vegetables before you eat them to ensure that they are clean, and to help remove germs that might be on the outside. Peeling or cooking fruit and vegetables can also remove these germs.

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