Food Law News - UK - 2011

FSA News Item, 25 March 2011

ENFORCEMENT - Launch of Food Standards Training Manual (Scotland)

A copy of the Training Manual is available on this site. See: Food Standards Training Manual (Scotland) (1st Version)

The FSA in Scotland (FSAS) is launching a Food Standards Training Manual that will act as a reference document for food standards legislation in Scotland and provide associated codes of practice and relevant guidance notes.

FSAS will launch the manual, and provide training to local authority enforcement officers from across Scotland, on 28 March at the FSAS offices in Aberdeen and on 29 March at Stirling University.

The Food Standards Training Manual was first issued by the FSA in Northern Ireland, to help local authority enforcement staff keep up to date in the challenging area of food standards. The Northern Ireland manual is now in its third successful year.

In 2007, the Food Standards Agency’s Sector-Specific Simplification Project considered the potential for expanding the use of this manual (see the link below).

A decision was then taken to develop a version suitable for use in Scotland. In partnership with local authority authorised officers, and a working group including members of the Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee, the manual was brought to fruition.

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