Food Law News - UK - 2010

FSA News Item, 9 June 2010

ADDITIVES - Does your business use Brown FK in kippers?

The Food Standards Agency is keen to hear from any company (large or small) that uses the food colouring known as Brown FK. The colouring is only permitted to be used in kippers. The large trade associations in the UK are not aware of the colouring currently being used.

Any information gathered will be used by the Agency to assist in the ongoing re-evaluation programme that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is conducting of all food additives used within the European Union (EU).

EFSA has recently issued its opinion on Brown FK and, while EFSA looked at many scientific studies, it concluded that there were limitations in the toxicological data available.

If there is no evidence of Brown FK being used within the EU, it is likely that its use will be withdrawn from the list of legally permitted colours.

If your company uses Brown FK, please contact the Agency’s food additives team.

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