Food Law News - UK - 2010

FSA Consultation Letter, 1 February 2010

ADMINISTRATION - Review of Regulatory Framework (England)

A copy of the consultation letter is available on this site. See: FSA Consultation - Reveiw of Regulatory Framework

All comments and views are required by: 26 February 2010


Who will this consultation be of most interest to?

Those organisations that responded to the original consultation held July-October 2009, but other interested parties are invited to comment.

What is the subject of this consultation?

A revised FSA framework for policy making.

What is the purpose of this consultation?

To allow interested parties to comment on the revised document.

Consultation details

In December 2006, we published our Framework for Regulatory Decision Making. The document started that we would review the framework, and our performance against it, two years after adoption.

A public consultation on the original document was held between 9 July and 16 October 2009. A summary of responses can be viewed on the FSA website.

Research was also carried out through interviews with FSA policy makers.


The document has been revised to take into account the responses to the original consultation and the results of the interviews with FSA policy makers.

This second consultation gives interested parties the opportunity to comment on the revised document. This consultation is for four weeks, as it is a follow-up consultation to the original consultation, which was held for 14 weeks.

Key proposal(s):

Consultation Process

A public consultation on the original document was held from 9 July to 16 October 2009.

Questions asked in this consultation:

Please give comments on the document at Annexe 2. It would be helpful if you could focus on the revised text of the document.


Responses are required by close Friday 26 February 2010. Please state, in your response, whether you are responding as a private individual or on behalf of an organisation/company (including details of any stakeholders your organisation represents).

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