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FSA Consultation Letter, 9 July 2009

LABELLING - Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2009

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) seeks the views of fish businesses and other stakeholders on the draft Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2009, and in particular the schedule that adds new commercial designations and gives extra labelling options for other species already on the list.

All comments and views are requested by: 1 October 2009

Consultation details

The new regulations are intended to update and consolidate the current Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2003 and the Fish Labelling (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2006, which would consequently be revoked.


This consultation is on the proposed Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2009. This is intended to update and consolidate the Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2003 and the Fish Labelling (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2006, both of which it revokes, and includes a schedule with updated commercial designations for fish. Consultations are also taking place on similar regulations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The key proposal is:

Consultation Process

This consultation is intended to obtain information from stakeholders on whether the new names and amendments proposed in the Commercial Designations Schedule are suitable and whether the changes will help fish businesses, consumers and enforcement agencies.

Below are some specific questions to which we would welcome responses. Some questions are aimed at all consultees, others at specific types of consultee only.

Specific questions asked in this consultation:

Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2009

Impact Assessment

Other relevant documents

You may wish to refer to:


The deadline for responses is 1 October 2009. Please state in your response whether you are responding as a private individual or on behalf of an organisation/company (including details of any stakeholders your organisation represents).

A copy of the consultation document is available on this site. See: Fish Labelling Consultation Document

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