Food Law News - UK - 2009

FSA Letter, 12 March 2009

LABELLING - Guidance Notes on Nutrition Labelling: Proposed Amendments

A copy of the letter, including the proposed amendments, is available on this site. See: Nutrition Labelling Guidance Letter

The Agency is working with foodservice companies to introduce a voluntary approach to providing nutrition information in catering settings. As part of this work we have reviewed relevant sections of the current Guidance Notes on Nutrition Labelling, which explain the requirements under the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 (FLR) (SI 1996 No. 1499) (as amended) which implement the provisions of the EC Nutrition Labelling Directive (90/496/EEC) in Great Britain. These Guidance Notes can be found in full at:

We are intending to update two sections of the current guidance notes, to clarify the requirements on information provided by catering establishments. The current information and proposed new text are provided at Annex A. For information the guidance notes will be updated more extensively in the autumn to reflect recent amendments to Directive 90/496/EEC Nutrition Labelling of Foodstuffs. This will be subject to a formal, 12 week public consultation.

To allow you time to consider these amendments we will not update the guidance notes until 03 April 2009. We are not asking for comments at this stage as will be carrying out a full public consultation in the autumn. We have not produced an impact assessment as we do not believe these changes will impose any new burden on the private or public sector. However we would welcome evidence if you believe these changes will add new burdens. If you would like to comment on these proposed amendments please respond to the contact below by 27 March 2009.

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