Food Law News - UK - 2009

FSA Letter to Local Authorities (ENF/E/09/027), 29 May 2009

HYGIENE - Food Handlers: Fitness to Work – A Practical Guide for Food Business Operators

In November 2008, the FSA consulted in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland on an updated version of the document ‘Food Handlers: Fitness to Work'.

62 responses were received from around the UK. Many were highly detailed and reflected a very positive and constructive contribution from stakeholders. All but a small minority of the comments were taken on board fully.

Some key changes made to the document in light of the consultation responses are:

Consideration will be given to making Annex I & II (summary for staff and managers respectively) available in other formats and designed to stand alone, possibly with illustrations etc. The additional work required for this will be prioritised with other FSA activity to reduce the incidence of foodborne disease in the UK. Translation of these summaries will be considered as part of that work.

The document has now been published and can be found at the link below:

A copy is also available on this site. See Fitness to Work Guidance

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