Food Law News - UK - 2008

FSA News Item, 26 November 2008

HYGIENE - Bottled water hygiene guide published

A new guide to good hygiene practice has been published for bottled water companies. It is the fifth of a series of guides to be published for the food industry.

This official guide has been produced by the British Soft Drinks Association and a working group, and is recognised by the Food Standards Agency.

The main aim is to provide easy-to-understand and practical advice on good practice to comply with food hygiene legislation, and help businesses apply a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP.

The guide covers all types of bottled water: natural mineral water, spring water and bottled drinking water.

Businesses' use of this guide is voluntary. It is hoped that it will prove useful in meeting legal food hygiene obligations, as well as ensuring high standards are achieved in food safety.

The Bottled Water guide is available to order from The Stationery Office.

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