Food Law News - UK - 2008

FSA News Item, 17 June 2008

ENFORCEMENT - Food Law Code of Practice England

The Agency has today published a revised Food Law Code of Practice for England. The code provides instructions and criteria to which local authorities should have regard when carrying out their food law regulatory and enforcement duties.

The main purpose of revising the code was to replace the inspection-focused approach to food law enforcement with a more flexible one enabling local authorities to use a wider range of interventions (activities deigned to monitor, support and increase business compliance with food law requirements). The aim is to ensure that local authority resources are directed at those food businesses that present the greatest risk to public health and consumer protection.

The Agency is also publishing training material on the new approach. This formed the basis of the Agency-funded programme of courses delivered earlier this year by ABC Food Safety Ltd.

The parallel Food Law Codes of Practice for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be published in due course.

Copies of the following are available on this site:

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