Food Law News - UK - 2008

FSA News Item, 14 March 2008

HYGIENE - Fish decontamination products position clarified

The Agency has written to the fish trade and industry, and trading standards and environmental officers, clarifying the position in relation to the use of certain products to decontaminate fish.

The letters reiterate earlier advice that no substances are approved by the European Commission to remove contamination on the surface of any products of animal origin. This means that at present only drinking or clean water may be used to remove 'surface contamination' on fish.

This position may change in the future, however, as a number of applications for approval of surface decontaminating substances have been submitted to the European Commission.

Certain additives have been approved for use with fishery products. Food treated with additives should be labelled accordingly.

Copies of the letters are available on this site:

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