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Food Law News - FAO / WHO / WTO / Codex - 2015

WTO News Item, 6 November 2015

TBT COMMITTEE - Technical Barriers to Trade: Formal Meeting - Standards committee discusses tyres, toy safety and food

The following are extracts from the news item relating to food. For the full news story, see:

WTO members aired trade concerns related to tyres, toys, cloning and food when they met as the Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade on 4-6 November 2015. Members also agreed on a way forward for organizing the Committee’s work programme for 2016-18.

Specific trade concerns

Delegations raised 17 new specific trade concerns and 39 previously raised concerns during the three-day meeting. This brings the total number of trade concerns discussed in 2015 to 92, the second-highest number in a single year since 1995.

The TBT Committee provides a forum for exchange of information at the technical level among WTO members. This dialogue helps to resolve trade frictions and avoid unnecessary disputes. WTO members have the opportunity to raise concerns in the Committee meetings about other members’ measures which they believe are not consistent with provisions of the TBT Agreement. These specific trade concerns (referred to as “STCs”) can relate to standards, testing and certification procedures, regulations or labelling requirements imposed by the importing country, which are considered to have an impact on both the companies producing these goods and consumers who utilise them. STCs highlight potentially trade-restrictive measures, and are included in the WTO’s regular trade monitoring reports.

New STCs addressed at the meeting include the following:

The discussions will be summarized in a forthcoming document (G/TBT/M/67).

Full list of specific trade concerns


Previously raised

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