Food Law News - FAO/WHO/WTO/Codex - 2010

WTO News Item, 3 and 4 November 2010

TBT / ORGANIC FOOD - Technical Barriers to Trade Committee Discussions: Korean Organic Food Regulations discussed

In total, 47 specific trade concerns were raised at the meeting of the Technical Barriers to Trade Committee on 3-4 November 2010, including 16 new ones.

Specific Trade Concerns

Korea — Regulation for Food Industry Promotion Act (previously raised)

Several Members reiterated concerns about Korea's draft regulation on certification procedures for organic processed foods and for raw organic food ingredients (G/TBT/N/KOR/204 and Suppl.1).  One concern expressed is that the measure does not appear to envisage equivalence mechanisms, instead requiring all organic foods to either be certified by Korean authorities or by certification bodies accredited by Korean authorities.  Korea's measure has already been a topic of discussion in three preceding meetings of the TBT Committee.  Showing willingness to accommodate Members concerns, Korea has decided to postpone the measure’s proposed date of entry into force until 31 December 2012.  This was welcomed by all concerned Members.  Furthermore, at the meeting, Korea assured delegations that the draft measure will be revised with a view to including provisions for equivalency agreements. However, because Korea expects that reaching an equivalence agreement could take time, delegations were nevertheless encouraged to ensure that interested certification bodies apply for accreditation by the Korean authorities.


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