Food Law News - EU - 2013

Commission Midday Express (MEX/13/0429), 29 April 2013

GM FOOD - Member States back Commission control measures on unauthorised GM rice products from China

A Commission proposal to amend the current control measures regarding imports of unauthorised GM rice products originating from China was endorsed yesterday by Member State experts. The key element of this amendment is to extend the scope of the Decision on controls to include any food or feed product containing rice.

In light of Member States' experience, the Decision also defines a new common protocol for sampling and analysis of processed products. To further facilitate controls it requires operators to complete a Common Entry Document (CED). The objectives of these changes are to reinforce and improve the efficiency of official controls concerning rice products originating or consigned from China.

The EU imports about 50,000 tonnes annually of products currently covered by this Decision which equates to about €50 million. It is now for the Commission to adopt the amended Decision. The new rules will apply 20 days following publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

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