Food Law News - EU - 2012

Council Minutes, 18 June 2012

EFSA - EFSA management board - Appointment of seven members: Council discussions

The following is an extract from the minutes of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting on 18 June 2012:

The Council adopted a decision appointing seven members of the management board of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to replace the members whose term of office will end on 30 June 2012 (10429/12 + 10940/12). The seven members nominated are Valérie Baduel (FR), Sue Davies (UK), Piergiuseppe Facelli (IT), Jaana Husu-Kallio (FI), Radu Roatis Chetan (RO), Jiri Ruprich (CZ) and Tadeusz Wijaszka (PL).

The Council also adopted a declaration requesting the Commission for the next appointments to the EFSA management board to draw up a list which includes a number of candidates substantially higher than the number of members to be appointed and which provides the Council with a choice as regards both the members with a background in organisation representing consumers and other interests in the food chain and other members of the board, as required under article 25(1) of regulation 178/2002.

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