Food Law News - EU - 2011

Council Minutes, 15-16 December 2011

CODEX – EU Council informed about developments within the Codex Alimnetarius

The following is an extract from the minutes of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting. A supporting document is available on this site. See: Report on Codex Alimentarius negotiations progress and prospects at the next "Agriculture and Fisheries" Council on 16 December 2011

Draft Codex strategic plan 2014-2019

The Presidency briefed the ministers on the report on progress and prospects of the Codex Alimentarius negotiations (18334/11).

Four different Codex Alimentarius committees meetings had been held during the Polish Presidency, the most important of which had been, the session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) itself in July 2011. The main outcomes of the CAC proceedings during the Polish Presidency were as follows:

Several other outcomes included:

In addition, the draft Codex strategic plan for 2014-2019 will be discussed at the forthcoming 66th session of the Executive Committee of the CAC in February 2012 in Geneva. The discussion on the role of science and other important factors in Codex proceedings are key elements of that document.

The Commission and the Member States are currently preparing comments on the Draft Strategic Plan.

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