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DH Consultation, 5 August 2011

PARNUTS – UK Consultation to seek views on European Commission's proposal for a regulation on food intended for infants and young children and on food for special medical purposes

The European Commission, as part of its on-going programme of simplification and reducing legislative burden, is reviewing the current Framework Directive on PARNUT foods or dietetic foods (Directive 2009/39/EC). PARNUT foods are specially manufactured to satisfy the particular nutritional requirements of specific groups of the population and currently include - infant and follow-on formulae, foods for infants and young children up to 3 years of age, medical foods (e.g. Nutritional tube feeds as total dietary replacement for patients), slimming foods, foods for people intolerant to gluten, and other foods which companies currently provide notification to member states (e.g. lactose free foods).

The proposal is likely to have a significant impact on the way in which PARNUT foods are notified, labelled and regulated. It limits the definition of PARNUT foods to three essential categories - infant and follow-on formula, foods intended for infants and young children aged up to 3 years and medical foods. Gluten-free, slimming foods and other PARNUT foods currently notified to member states are not likely to be covered by this proposed legislation but are expected to be covered under other existing EC legislation (e.g. Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation). We would to like obtain views on the proposal to inform forthcoming negotiations with the Commission and particularly welcome views from interested parties, industry, NGO's who currently manufacture such foods or represent consumers who rely on such foods for part or the whole of their diet. We are undertaking a public consultation for 8 weeks and responses should be sent by 30 September 2011.

For a copy of the full DH consultation document, available on this site, go to: Consultation on the proposal by the European Commission for a regulation of the European parliament and of the Council on foods intended for infants and young children and on food for special medical purposes

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