Food Law News - EU - 2011

FSA Interested Parties Letter (IPA 0036), 18 February 2011

CONTAMINANTS - February 2011 update on the draft EU legislation as regards nitrate in green leafy vegetables

For a copy of the letter including the Commission proposal, see: Nitrates in Vegetables - Consultation Letter

This update provides information on further discussions that have now taken place at Expert Working Group level and it is anticipated that a draft Regulation will shortly be subject to vote at a Standing Committee meeting, possibly next month. The draft Regulation as it stands at present is attached below.

The main proposed changes from the current legislation include:

Although the document may still be subject to some change depending on further discussions within the EU, it is unlikely that such changes would be substantial.

Comments from interested parties on the draft Regulation are welcome to inform negotiations in Brussels and provide information for the impact assessment. We are interested in the incremental impact of the proposal, including any additional costs, or potential benefits and any other relevant data and information that you may wish to provide.

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