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Commission Press Release (IP/10/1057), 18 August 2010

TRADE - New opportunities for export of animal products to Russia as certificates enter into force

Exports of animals and animal products from the European Union to Russia are expected to receive a boost after five new certificates for exports between the EU and the Russian Federation entered into force on August 15. These certificates concern beef with bones, canned and dry petfood and breeding sheep and goats and open up new trade opportunities for European producers.

The export certificates were agreed at a meeting between the European Commission and the Russian veterinary service in Moscow on April 27-28. They were initialled by the two sides in late May/ early June and entered into force on 15 August.

Seven certificates, opening trade opportunities for bovine semen, horse meat and cattle for breeding, were agreed in January and in April agreement was reached for five of them that have now entered into force. Negotiations are expected to continue in order to update existing certificates and possibly conclude new ones.

Exports of animals and products of animal origin from the EU to Russia have to comply with requirements agreed between the European Commission and the Russian veterinary service for a number of commodities. These requirements apply to exports from all EU Member States, which must agree with specific certificates guaranteeing that the exported commodities comply with the veterinary and sanitary standards of the Russian Federation.

The first veterinary export certificates between the Commission and the Russian services were agreed in 2004. In 2006 18 new model certificates were agreed. The position of the Commission in these negotiations was agreed with the Member State authorities in the Council of the EU.

Since 2004, this negotiating process has continued in order to update existing certificates and take into account the evolution of animal health and sanitary conditions. Another goal of these negotiations is to conclude new veterinary certificates for other commodities.

In 2009 the value of exports of animals, meat and animal products from the EU to the Russian Federation was € 1.3 billion.

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