Food Law News - EU - 2010

Council Press Release (7521/10), 15 March 2010

NOVEL FOODS - Council adopts its position on novel food

The Council today adopted its first-reading position on a draft regulation concerning novel foods, reflecting its political agreement approved on 22 June 2009.  The decision was taken, without discussion, at the Environment Council in Brussels.  Greece and the United Kingdom abstained, the Commission did not accept the introduction of the definition of offspring of cloned animals and the inclusion of offspring into the scope of the draft regulation.

The main objective of the draft regulation is to stimulate the development and placing on the EU market of safe innovative foods and to ensure a high level of food safety and of human health protection.

The draft regulation includes in particular the following provisions:

So far, more than 30 novel foods have been authorised for use in the EU, such as "rapeseed oil high in unsaponifiable matter", "rye bread with added phytosterols/phytostanols", "milk type products and yoghurt type products with added phytosterol esters", "coagulated potato proteins and hydrolysates thereof" and "phospholipids from egg yolk".

The Council's position will now be sent to the European Parliament for a second reading.

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