Food Law News - EU - 2009

Commission Midday Express, 25 June 2009

IRRADIATION - Commission addresses Reasoned Opinion to the UK over the recognition of food irradiation facilities in third countries

The European Commission decided today to address a reasoned opinion to the United Kingdom because it considers that current UK rules on food irradiation are incompatible with Directive 1999/2/EC on the approximation of the laws of Member States concerning food and food ingredients treated with ionising radiation in that they authorise national authorities to recognise food irradiation facilities in third countries.

According to Directive 1999/2/EC one of the conditions for importing a foodstuff treated with ionising radiation from a third country is that it was treated in an irradiation facility approved by the Community. The Commission recognises that the United Kingdom has so far not used this possibility and is in the process of amending its legislation in the field of food irradiation. However, since a letter of formal notice was sent already in March 2007 and since there have been considerable delays in the process leading to the adoption of new regulations in the UK, it was necessary to issue a reasoned opinion to ensure expedited compliance.

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