Food Law News - EU - 2009

FSA Letter, 16 June 2009

PARNUTS - Proposed Addition of Vitamin and Mineral Substances to the Positive List in Annex II to European Regulation (EC) 1925/2006 on the addition of vitamins and minerals to food

On 15 June the European Commission issued an updated draft of its Regulation reflecting proposed additions to the positive list of vitamin and mineral substances in Annex II to Regulation (EC) 1925/2006 and Annex II to the EC Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC. This is on the agenda for an exchange of views (but not a vote or opinion) at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) General Food Law Section on Monday 22 June.

Please find attached a copy of the draft Commission Regulation for your consideration. Annex II reflects substances for which European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has given favourable opinions to date.

A copy of the draft Commission Regulation is available on this site. See: Draft Commission Regulation

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