Food Law News - EU - 2009

FSA Letter (LRM/006/097), 19 March 2009

LABELLING - European Commission's Proposal for a Food Information Regulation: Council Working Group meetings – 26 January 2009 & 27 February 2009

The latest meetings of the Council Working Group on the Food Information Proposal took place on 26 January and 27 February 2009. These were the first under the Czech Presidency and continued discussion on the proposal for a Food Information Regulation. Please note a further meeting was held on 12 February, which focussed on nutrition labelling and has been reported separately.

Main Points of Discussion

26 January

27 February

This meeting covered both general and nutrition aspects of the proposal. The Presidency tabled a number of proposals that formed the basis of discussions. There was a good exchange of views, but no firm conclusions.

European Parliament

Discussion on the Proposal took place in the European Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, on 16 March. In light of the number of amendments tabled to the Commission proposal, the Committee voted to ask the rapporteur, Renate Sommer, to look at her report again taking into account the amendments tabled to her first report.

With the European Parliament elections scheduled for June this year, discussions will continue under the new Parliament.

Next Steps

Meetings have been scheduled for 27 March and 27 April 2009 to continue discussions.

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