Food Law News - EU - 2008

FSA Letter (LRM/006/097), 11 November 2008

LABELLING - European Commission's Proposal for a Food Information Regulation Council Working Group meeting - 20 October 2008

The latest meeting of the Council Working Group on the Food Information Proposal took place on 20 October at which the general labelling aspects of the proposal for a Food Information Regulation were discussed.

This meeting continued the first read through the proposal, picking up from Article 36. Good progress was made with discussions focussing on technical amendments to the Commission text and calls for proposed amendments to the text from Member States.

The main points of discussion where:

You may recall from my last letter [see link below] that the UK was asked to chair a mini group meeting with Member State representatives to discuss ideas on how to address the issue of clarity. Whilst there was no support for a minimum font size of 3mm, the mini group discussed the need for a measurable, and therefore enforceable, criterion, coupled with the other factors that affect clarity, such as contrast, layout and line spacing. The UK has been tasked by the French Presidency to draft a new Article 14, taking into account Member States views and circulate this to Member States ahead of the next meeting.

Next Steps

The next Council Working Group meetings are scheduled for 14 and 26 November 2008. The Presidency is then expected to present a progress report to the Health Council in December.

Note: For the previous letter on this topic, see: 10 October 2008 LABELLING - European Commission's Proposal for a Food Information Regulation: Council Working Group meeting 30 September/1 October 2008

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