Food Law News - EU - 2008

FSA Local Authority Letter (ENF/E/08/024), 10 April 2008

GMOs - Unauthorised “Bt 63” Genetic Modification in Specified Products from China

You will wish to be aware that Commission Decision 2008/289/EC on emergency measures regarding the unauthorised genetically modified organism ‘Bt63' in rice products, was published in the Official Journal on 9 April 2008, (OJ No. L96, 9.4.2008, p.29).

The Food Standards Agency has issued a Food Alert to Heads of Environmental Health Services and Directors of Trading Standards in this regard, and this is available at:

Annexed to this letter is a letter issued to port health authorities on 9 April 2008, and a copy of Commission Decision 2008/289/EC [see links below]. The letter to port health authorities contains a list of accredited laboratories in China which can issue the analytical report to accompany consignments of rice and rice products from China . An example of the analytical report is also included in the letter. These documents were received from the Commission on 9 April 2008. Food Business Operators and Trade Associations have been forwarded this information.


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