Food Law News - EU - 2007

Commission Midday Express, 20 July 2007

ADDITIVES - Commission proposal to suspend Red 2G food colour backed by Member States

A European Commission proposal to suspend the use of the food colouring Red 2G with immediate effect has received a favourable opinion from the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health. In line with the proposed measures, food containing Red 2G will not be allowed to be used, placed on the market or imported into the EU, due to concerns over its effect on human health. Red 2G has been permitted for use in the EU to colour breakfast sausages and burgers, up to a maximum level of 20mg/kg. However, as part of the EU's ongoing review of all authorised food additives, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) re-evaluated Red 2G and found it to pose some health risks. In its Opinion of 5 July 2007, EFSA stated that there was a strong possibility that Red 2G could provoke cancer, as it tends to break down into a carcinogenic substance called aniline. In light of these findings, the Commission decided to take immediate measures to block any food containing this food colouring from the EU market. Foodstuffs which have been placed on the market before the Regulation enters into force will still be allowed to be sold up to their expiry date. The Commission will adopt the Regulation banning this food colouring in the coming days, and it will enter into effect immediately following its publication in the Official Journal.

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