Food Law News - EU - 2007

FSA Enforcement Letter (ENF/E/07/003), 12 January 2007

PARNUTS - Foods for particular nutritional uses (parnuts foods): expiry of addition of substances derogation.

There have been discussions recently within the European Commission about the use of substances which had derogation under 2004/6/EC until the 1st January 2007 that could be added to foods for particular nutritional uses. I am writing to update you about the current position with regards to these substances.

The list of these substances is given in the Annex to Directive 2004/6/EC, and in the Appendix to this letter (see below). Please note that this legislation applies to any parnuts foods other than infant formula, follow-on formula, processed cereal-based foods and baby foods intended for infants and young children.

The Directive allows the continuing use of substances on which a dossier had been submitted for scientific evaluation and that were in use before 11 February 2004. As the European Food Safety Authority evaluations of these substances have not been carried out the Agency has been informed that the European Commission will propose measures to extend the derogations which will apply retrospectively from 1 st January 2007.

The Agency therefore requests that all Local Authority officers reflect on the European Commission's intentions when considering whether to carry out enforcement activities with regard to parnuts foods. The Agency will keep you fully informed of any further decisions


Category 1. Vitamins

Vitamin E

Category 2. Minerals










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