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Food Law News - EU - 2017

FoodDrinkEurope Press Release, 13 December 2017

LABELLING - FoodDrinkEurope submits official complaint against Italy on Country of Origin Labelling (COOL)

Following the recent adoption, by Italy, of decrees on mandatory country-of-origin labelling (see Note 1 below), as well as the country’s rules on the mandatory indication of the place of production, FoodDrinkEurope has proceeded today with the filing of an official complaint to the European Commission. As the Italian government adopted these measures without prior notification to the EU, and given that their compliance with EU law is questioned (see Note 2 below), FoodDrinkEurope views its complaint as the only way forward to ensure EU Single Market rules are respected.

Whereas FoodDrinkEurope’s members remain fully committed to transparency, including providing origin information based on market demand and feasibility, they view with concern the current trends to re-nationalise certain rules and policies in the food and drink sector. National measures on mandatory origin labelling recently introduced by eight Member States are already negatively impacting trade of food products in the Single Market.

As the organisation representing the food and drink manufacturing sector, FoodDrinkEurope stands firmly behind the Single Market and the EU project. 25 years of EU Single Market have brought significant benefits to both producers and consumers; thanks to deeply integrated European food supply chains and the possibility to trade freely, the industry has been able to ensure a constant availability of safe, diverse, high quality food for consumers across the EU, at affordable prices. It has also spurred growth and increased competition in the food and drink sector.

With a view to preserving a well-functioning Single Market for food and drinks, FoodDrinkEurope hopes that today’s initiative will result in concrete and effective follow-up actions by the European Commission.


  1. National mandatory country-of-origin labelling rules for durum wheat in pasta; for rice; and for tomatoes in tomato products.
  2. In particular Article 34 and 36 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

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