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Food Law News - UK - 2017

FSA Enforcement Letter (ENF/E/17/066), 23 October 2017

OFFICIAL CONTROLS - Feedback from the European Commission’s fact finding mission to the UK on the official controls on composite products


The European Commission visited the UK in June 2016 to carry out a fact finding mission on composite products. LAs are asked to read the attached report and to consider the findings. To assist, the FSA and Defra have collaborated to produce a detailed Q & A document on composite products ( and we will consider the wider findings from this fact finding mission as part of the Regulating Our Future programme.


In June 2016, the European Commission’s SANTE F carried out a fact finding mission to the UK. The objective of the mission was to obtain an overview of:

i.) The measures implemented by competent authorities and food business operators involved in the composite products chain

ii.) The extent to which those measures achieve the objective of ensuring that composite products comply with EU animal and public health requirements, and

iii.) How the findings may support further development/review of the EU legislation related to composite products.

For background, a composite product is a foodstuff intended for human consumption that contains both processed product of animal origin and products of plant origin, and includes those where the processing of primary product is an integral part of the production of the final product.

The implementation of official controls on the production, distribution and placing on the market of composite products from another EU member state as well as for imported composite products that are not subject to checks at the UK/EU border e.g. at a Border Inspection Post (BIP) is the responsibility of inland LAs.


As this was a fact finding mission, there are no recommendations but there are findings and an overall conclusion.

The report is available on this site. See: Final report of a fact-finding mission carried out in the United Kingdom from 13 to 17 June 2016 in order to in order to gather information on the official controls on composite products

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