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Food Law News - EU - 2017

European Commission - Statement (Statement/17/3486), 26 September 2017

FRAUD / EGGS - Commission and Member States agree on concrete measures against food fraud

Today, at the conclusion of the High-level meeting dedicated to the follow-up to the Fipronil incident, chaired by Commissioner Andriukaitis, the Member States and the Commission agreed on 19 concrete measures which will reinforce the EU's action against food fraud. These measures will again be presented at the AGRIFISH Council on 9-10 October.

Commissioner Andriukaitis welcomed today's achievements:

"First of all let me say that I was extremely pleased to see such a high level of participation today. It truly shows that the issue of food safety and food fraud is at the heart of discussion throughout the European Union.

I wanted this meeting to happen for at least a few important reasons

I think that we had an open and frank exchange of views on past, current and future actions by both Member States and the Commission.

Today's dialogue allowed us to identify several strategic and systematic actions needed at Member State and EU-level.

I will not enumerate all of them but I would like to mention a few.

These are the types of concrete measures I was hoping we would agree on today and I am truly pleased we did.

Preserving public health and food safety is a collective responsibility. The wide food supply poses challenges that require us to maintain strong and efficient food fraud detection system and procedures and to communicate and   cooperate at all the levels.

I am confident that the actions that we agreed upon today will help us do just that."                                

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