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Food Law News - UK - 2017

FSA News Item, 7 September 2017

EGGS – FSA: Update on Fipronil in eggs

We continue to trace the distribution of eggs from farms in the Netherlands and Belgium affected by Fipronil.

Since our previous update, 26 additional products have been withdrawn, as detailed in our updated withdrawal list. These include cake mixes and liquid egg products.

Products must be removed from sale if the amount of implicated egg is more than 15% of the final product. Food businesses must comply with this or show that the egg ingredient used is compliant with the EU maximum residue level.

The FSA continues to  work with the European Commission and we are being updated on investigations by other member states as further information comes to light.

It remains very unlikely that there is any risk to public health, but as Fipronil is not authorised for use in food producing animals, we continue to track down implicated food products and ensure that they are removed from sale where they breach the 15% limit. There is no need to change how you buy or consume eggs.

As a precaution, UK-laid eggs continue to be tested for the presence of Fipronil, and all results so far have been clear.

Investigations are on-going, and we will continue to publish updates on a regular basis.

A copy of the updated list is available on this site. See: List of withdrawn products - 7 September

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