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Food Law News - UK - 2017

FSA Enforcement Letter (ENF/E/17/052), 31 August 2017

ENFORCEMENT - Regulating our Future LA engagement events summary report

Through June and July we held a series of events with local authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We spoke to over 700 EHPs & TSOs representing nearly all LAs in just over four weeks. We have been analysing the posters that you contributed to on the day and have created this summary report. More detailed work around each workstream is on-going and your comments, thoughts and opinions are of great value to the workstream leads and their teams.

See copy on this site: Summary Report [Note: also available (as a pdf) is a copy of the final PowerPoint presentation used in the events. See: RoF PowerPoint]

We are moving swiftly to develop the details of the enhanced registration and segmentation work and we aim over the next 10 weeks to have completed a discovery stage for our digital solution. We will be using your feedback to identify a way to build a single view of FBOs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland which everyone can use.

If you feel that your authority has already developed an effective and innovative approach and you would be willing to share your experience please contact us by by 15th September 2017

We are also working at pace to explore the concept of food safety national inspection strategies which operate within the Primary Authority scheme. Between January and May 2017 we worked with 10 primary authority partnerships to consider the feasibility of national inspection strategies for food hygiene and standards.

We are now about to move to the next phase of this project, working with up to 7 primary authorities to test whether business’s own compliance data can be used by primary authorities to predict local level compliance.

This work is utilising a desktop assessment approach, and therefore it will not restrict local authority interventions in any way. We will be updating you further on this project over the next couple of weeks, and there will be an opportunity for you to engage with us as the work moves forward.

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