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Food Law News - FAO / WHO / WTO / Codex - 2017

Codex Commission Publication, 2 August 2017

CODEX - Codex Alimentarius Commission: Fortieth Session Report Published

The full report can be seen downloaded from the Codex website: CAC 40 Report. The following is the Executive Summary from the report:


The Commission:

a) adopted new and revised food quality and safety standards and related texts and amendments to the Codex Procedural Manual;

b) approved new work, including priority lists of pesticides for evaluation or re-evaluation by JMPR and of veterinary drugs for evaluation or re-evaluation by JECFA and new work for the Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance (TFAMR);

c) approved proposals for the discontinuation of work and for the revocation of existing standards and related texts;

d) agreed on the significant value, especially for advocacy purposes, of the synergies between the SDGs and Codex work and that the SDGs would be taken into account in the development of the forthcoming Codex Strategic Plan 2020-2025;

e) requested that the Secretariat prepare a more detailed proposal regarding a standards advancement committee and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of various options for committees working by correspondence;

f) noted the report on expenditure for 2016, the estimate for 2017 and the financial outlook for 2018-2019; expressed its appreciation for the continued financial support from FAO and WHO, contributions from host countries/members and in-kind contributions from China, Germany, Japan and the Republic of Korea to the Secretariat; and recognized the support provided by the Secretariat in funding Russian language services in the financial biennium 2018-2019, encouraging the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Europe to investigate its language policy;

g) expressed its gratitude to FAO and WHO for their continuous scientific support, including to the work of TFAMR, which was crucial for the development of Codex work on food safety standards; noted the extensive list of pending requests and the need for additional resources to address them, calling on relevant Codex Committees to prioritize requests for scientific advice; and encouraged countries to provide support;

h) considered the document on FAO and WHO policy and related matters; noted that WHO and FAO policies were important and taken into account within Codex as appropriate in accordance with its unique and specific mandate;

i) expressed its appreciation to FAO and WHO for their work and support to member countries, acknowledging the importance of capacity development in increasing the global impact and relevance of Codex standards;

j) congratulated FAO/WHO on the transition from CTF1 to CTF2; noted the successful start made by four countries under CTF2; encouraged eligible countries to avail themselves fully of support and duly apply during the 2017 application period; and acknowledged donors and invited potential donors to provide support;

k) supported the new approach of holding a discussion panel on collaboration with international organizations in lieu of the customary presentation of a document; noted that a thematic approach would enhance such discussions in future; and agreed to report on the coordination of work with international organizations under the monitoring of the Codex Strategic Plan;

l) elected, as Chairperson, Mr Guilherme Antonio da Costa Jr. (Brazil) and, as Vice-Chairpersons, Mr Purwiyatno Hariyadi (Indonesia), Ms Mariam Eid (Lebanon) and Mr SteveWearne (United Kingdom); elected seven Members of the Executive Committee on a geographical basis, i.e. Nigeria (re-elected), Malaysia (re-elected), Norway (re-elected), Mexico (re-elected), Egypt, United States of America and Australia; and appointed the six regional coordinators, i.e. Kenya (reappointed), India (reappointed), Kazakhstan, Chile (reappointed), Islamic Republic of Iran (reappointed) and Vanuatu (reappointed);

m) adjourned sine die the Committee on Milk and Milk Products, expressing its gratitude to New Zealand; and

n) welcomed the adoption by the FAO Conference at its 40th session of the resolution on the “Observance of a World Food Safety Day” on 7 June, and strongly encouraged WHO Member States to propose the matter for consideration in 2018 on the agendas of the WHO governing bodies

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