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Food Law News - UK - 2017

FSA Enforcement Letter (ENF/E/17/029), 3 April 2017

ENFORCEMENT - Publication of aide-memoires for use in Approved Establishments

Summary: The FSA has published a suite of aide-memoires for use in approved establishments ENF number

In response to the findings of the Directorate General for Health and Food (formerly the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) and the FSA’s Local Authority Audit Team, the FSA has developed a range of aide memoires for local authority (LA) officers to use when carrying out hygiene inspections of approved premises. These audits have recommended the development of aide-memoires to ensure sufficient and appropriate documentation of information and details, relevant to official controls in specific sector establishments. The aide-memoires should assist LAs in providing an effective food law enforcement service and maintain and improve consumer protection and confidence.

Although multiple sectors have been addressed; the scope of the forms cover general approved establishments with 8 additional bolt-on forms for sector specificity. Each aide-memoire will be available in a word document format which is adaptable to meet specific inspection and LA needs. Comments on additional sector form developments and tablet applications are being considered for future development.

The link below allows officers and interested parties to access the aide-memoires and inspection form:

The aide-memoires are intended for use by authorised officers carrying out official control enforcement duties but will be of interest to all parties, including manufacturers and retailers. These forms have been based upon a review of a number of existing tools in use by LAs and we would like to thank those LAs who have contributed to the consultation process.

The aide-memoires are not prescribed by law and are intended to be used as a prompt. Authorised Officers are reminded to use their discretion to record the information they feel is appropriate for each individual inspection. They should continue to consult the range of FSA and Industry guidance available to assist their inspections.

It is intended that an authorised officer will use the ‘Approved Establishments’ aide-memoire in conjunction with an inspection form for comments and add the relevant ‘bolt on form’ to the business being inspected. The aide-memoires are designed so officers will only be expected to write comments where they deem appropriate.

During the development of the aide-memoires we did not identify any major impacts to industry and consequently did not produce an impact assessment. However, LA views were sought and are compiled in a consultation feedback document published alongside the aide- memoire forms.

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