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Food Law News - UK - 2016

FSA, 31 October 2016

FRAUD - NFCU launches industry guide

The National Food Crime Unit provides a criminal intelligence function that can protect consumers and industry from serious dishonesty within food supply chains.

'Working in partnership with the food industry is critical to the unit’s ability to respond to the challenge of food crime,' said Head of Food Crime, Andy Morling. 'The food industry and the NFCU have a common interest in the UK being free from and a hostile environment to serious criminality within food production and supply.'

About the guide

The guide explains the NFCU’s role in the fight against food crime, how we can support industry, and how in turn industry can support us.

It is the first step in building meaningful two way dialogue between the NFCU and the food drink and feed industry. We are confident that this relationship will grow and mature to enhance the UK’s resilience and response to food crime in its many forms.

A responsible food industry

Creating a culture in which everyone is able and confident to share even minor suspicions of wrongdoing is vital. The food industry can do this by promoting the ethical and commercial imperatives to flag up suspicions, within or outside their own business.

Working with the NFCU, whether by sharing specific fraud concerns or by collaborating on new ways of designing out fraud vulnerability, will help the UK food sector remain safe and economically prosperous. This benefits businesses and consumers alike.

The Guide is available on this site. See: Working together to tackle the threat from food crime

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