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Food Law News - UK - 2016

FSA News Item, 14 September 2016

HYGIENE - Consultation on aides memoire for food law enforcement officers

New guidance to help food law enforcement officers assess approved premises is under review and the FSA would like input from local authority staff prior to final publication.

The aides memoire are mainly intended for use by food law enforcement officers carrying out hygiene inspections of approved premises, but are also of interest to manufacturers and retailers of approved foods and products.

The FSA has developed the guidance in response to the findings of the Directorate General for Health and Food (formerly the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) and the FSA’s own Local Authority Audit Team.

As part of the process we would now like to invite comments from all local authority colleagues, particularly on the practicality and functionality of the forms. We would like to thank those local authorities who have contributed to reviewing existing aides.

During their development we have not identified any major impacts to industry and consequently not produced an impact assessment - however, you are invited to comment on their impact.

Providing your feedback

Please review the forms and reply to the questions found in Annex 1 shown below by Friday 28 October 2016 to the following email address:

Annex 1: Questions on the use of aides memoire

1. Is the form fit for purpose:

2. Is the content detail on the forms aimed at the right level?

3. Would you prefer to use the aides memoire as a standalone form or in conjunction with an inspection report form?

4. Are there any potential impacts that the use of the aides memoire could have on industry? 

5. Will the use of the aides memoire have an effect on consistency of approach between environmental health officers?

How the forms are intended to be used

It is intended that the environmental health officer will use the ‘approved establishments’ aide memoire and add the relevant ‘bolt on form’ which is applicable to the business being inspected.

The aides memoire are intended to be 'report by exception' forms and officers will only be expected to write comments when all the criteria in a section are not met.

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