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Food Law News - FAO / WHO / WTO / Codex - 2016

Codex Meeting Report, 11 – 15 April 2016

CODEX - Codex Committee on General Principles (30th Session)

The full report is available at: Codex Committee on General Principles (30th Session)

Matters for adoption by the 39th Session of the Commission:

The Committee forwarded for adoption amendments to the following sub-sections of Section II of the Procedural Manual as proposed by CCMAS:

Matters of interest to the Executive Committee and the Commission:

The Committee:

Other matters of interest:

The following issues were presented:

(i) Discussion Paper on work carried out by Committees working by correspondence only (paras 59-60);

(ii) Information Paper on Emerging Issues: A proposed Risk Management Approach to Address Detection in Food of Chemicals of Very Low Public Health Concern (para. 61 ); and

(iii) concerns on the migration of the Codex website to a new domain within the FAO domain (paras 62-67).

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