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Food Law News - UK - 2016

FSA Board Meeting Paper (FSA 16/01/06), 14 January 2016

ENFORCEMENT - FSA Board Paper: Delivering the Food Standards Agency’s Regulatory Strategy

The following is the initial summary of a paper prepared for the FSA Board Meeting on the 28 January 2016.  The full paper is available on this site.  See: FSA Regulatory Strategy Paper


The achievement of the FSA’s strategic objectives for 2015-2020 will require a fundamental redesign of its regulatory role and of the way in which the regulation of food businesses is delivered. These are not tasks the FSA can achieve itself. We will need businesses, local authorities, other government departments, consumer groups and a wide range of others to work with us. To launch that process the FSA has arranged an event on 10 February 2016, when we propose to seek views from a range of stakeholders on some key features of the potential future regulatory delivery.

The purpose of this paper is to invite the Board to consider and comment on the outline framework of principles that will be a basis for discussion at the event on 10 February.

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