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Welcome to the home page of 'Foodlaw-Reading'. Based at the University of Reading, UK, the site is maintained by Dr David Jukes. It seeks to provide easy access to sources of information on current food laws and its development. The main focus is on the UK and the EU although some additional information in international developments is also provided (especially issues linked to Codex and the WTO). It is hoped that it will also help those seeking to learn about and understand food law issues. Please note that it is maintained as time permits and updates may at times be delayed.

Note: the site is undergoing some changes - apologies if some links do not work correctly!

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United Kingdom

Food Standards Agency - Useful Background links
Food Standards Agency - Factsheet
UK Food Regulations - Subject Listing
UK Control, Enforcement and Inspection


EFSA Information and Links
European Food Laws - Subject Listing - Listing by subject (under construction!)
Regulation 178/2002 (pdf file)
EU Background and Related Papers
European Court of Justice - Cases Relevant to Food Law


Food Law Internet Project (FLIP)
The Codex Alimentarius Commission - Current Status - Paper by David Jukes (December 1999)
The Role of Science in International Food Standards - Paper by David Jukes (June 2000)
Codex Documents:
WTO Documents: SPS Review Report (11 March 1999)

This site was first provided by David Jukes on 20th May 1996

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